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High-value aromatherapy, it smells like you can't stop it!

High-value aromatherapy, it smells like you can't stop it!

Jan 7,2020
Busy urban life makes people feel upset.

So you need some beautiful things to adjust. In addition to the cold and  popsicles, and ice cream, there are also fragrant flowers and various green plants. The aroma of the house is overflowing. Significant cooling effect!

If you want to keep the indoor fragrance full for a long time, it is not enough to have flowers and flowers. So how to keep the indoor fragrance for a long time? Come and talk with you today about indoor aromatherapy ~

Although aromatherapy is a relatively niche enjoyment item, most people may not use this at home. But it can really affect a person's attitude towards life. Once in the aroma pit, it is difficult to think of it!

Aromatherapy effect

The fast-paced commute to work every day is inevitably sometimes irritating. If you return home from work, you can order an aromatherapy scent, the fumes of smoke slowly spread out indoors, and the impetuous heart can be soothed.

Aromatherapy can be said to have spread from ancient times to the present, and many costume court dramas can be seen in the figure of aromatherapy, after all, aromatherapy is an ancient weapon for concubines to fight for favor!

In addition to China, other countries also like to use various types of aromatherapy. Southeast Asians and Turks are used to ordering aromatherapy in the bath. A warm stream of water envelops the body, and the air is permeated with fragrance. Such a bathing experience can't wait to bathe 8 times a day ~

So the question is, why are so many people obsessed with aromatherapy since ancient times? What is the effect of aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy effect

                                                            ● Can purify air, eliminate odor, and inhibit bacterial growth
                                                            ● Promote body metabolism, relax body and mind, and relieve fatigue
                                                            ● Relieves mental stress, regulates body function, beauty and beauty
                                                            ● Create a romantic range and make people feel comfortable

Aromatherapy classification


There is a fire scented as the name suggests is to use the fire to scent. There are two types of scented candles and solid scented.

Scented candles are generally made from soy wax, paraffin, vegetable wax, and various fragrances. Solid aromatherapy is generally made from natural plant essential oils and natural wood.

Fireless Aromatherapy

Fireless aromatherapy requires the use of diffuser tools to scent and does not require burning. Fireless aromatherapy has now become the first choice of many people. In addition to safety and convenience, the viewing is also better than fire aromatherapy. It is generally divided into rattan aromatherapy, aromatherapy machine, and aroma stone.

The rattan aromatherapy and aromatherapy machine can be recycled, after the aroma liquid or essential oil is used up, follow-up replenishment can be done! Therefore, it is more cost-effective to have no fire scent. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, it is recommended to use scented candles.

Aromatherapy Selection

If you do not do your homework, it is easy to lose money. Poor aromatherapy will not only destroy the atmosphere but also affect your health. So how do you choose the aromatherapy for the newly introduced aromatherapy white?

Look at ingredients

The main components of scented candles are different types of wax-based, divided into: paraffin wax, vegetable wax, beeswax and palm wax.

The best choice for scented candles is to contain plant wax ingredients, which are extracted from natural plants, have a lower melting point and will not have black smoke when burning. Paraffin is derived from petroleum, which has a low cost and is prone to black smoke. There is also the essential oils. It is best to choose good quality oils. Poor essential oils do not burn well and are harmful to the body for long periods of time.

Look at the notes

All kinds of fragrances have the same front, middle and back notes as perfumes. You can choose the fragrance according to your favorite fragrance.

Choosing a good fragrance is very important, it can create a good atmosphere and be good for your body and mind.