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I am such a delicate person, of course, can perfectly use the scented candle to the extreme

I am such a delicate person, of course, can perfectly use the scented candle to the extreme

Jan 2,2020
The annual hibernation season has come again. No matter what causes you to shrink back into your warm nest - the latest snow shower, the diving cooldown, the early night, or the depressing headlines - there's almost nothing like a warm candle light that can soothe your body and mind that has suffered from the depression of winter. When the flickering candle light melts the top wax to form a smooth liquid surface, the fragrance is quietly released

According to different specifications, the use time of a single scented candle varies from more than ten hours to dozens of hours.

However, whether you are eager for the seductive fragrance of the fire or the soft and hypnotic fragrance of fresh violets, you need to do more than just strike a match to light an aromatherapy candle - this is a set of fine art about supplies, time and methods.

There are many details to be paid attention to in the use of aromatherapy candles: if you don't care much about the maintenance of candles, it may lead to the wick leaning to one side, burning glass instead of wax; poor odor discrimination is more likely to destroy your dinner party; burning time is too short, uneven heating of candles will produce pits in the center - these things you certainly don't want to meet.

This is not an aromatherapy candle, but the pit caused by misoperation on the aromatherapy candle is similar to it.

From the importance of covering, to how to choose the most suitable fragrance for each room in the family, here we share with you the simple rules of using aromatherapy candles.

1. Repair before ordering

Wick length is a very subtle variable, too long or too short will quickly consume the life of your candle. Especially for large candles, the surface of their wax pool is larger and the range of wick deviation is wider. At this time, trimming the appropriate wick will ensure that the candle burns more straightly.

Candle wick scissors

Every time you use an aromatherapy candle, you should trim the wick before lighting it. The most common saying is that the wick should be trimmed to about 6 mm, but according to the author's experience, the length of about 8 mm is more appropriate. If the wick is too short, it will be covered by melted tears, which will cause the candle to go out.

You can use a special Candlestick scissors, but in fact, the small scissors in the drawer are very easy to use.

2. Consider the environment when selecting

When you start a beautiful candle, it's hard to resist the urge to light it right away. But occasionally a little restraint is needed. For example, an aromatherapy candle should not be lit at a dinner table - unless you are going to immerse the whole meal in that smell, it is not appropriate to do so at dinner. Candlelight dinners are nice, but you have to use only odourless pillar candles or small round tea candles.

You are right. This is the fragrance candle of meat flavor Where is it?

Use a more masculine flavor - wood, leather and cashmere, for example - to make the lounge more pleasant. "It's a more comfortable and primitive smell.".

The bathroom and office require a cool, clear breath that smells fresh and alert. Peppermint is typical.

At the same time, the bedroom needs a softer fragrance like iris and iris root, while violet is suitable for a more feminine environment. The fragrance of white flowers is used in the entrance passage, which can send out an invitation signal, but really, no matter where it is, the soft fragrance is very beautiful.

3. Candles should not be too dense

Although candles can be mixed to create a more personalized fragrance (for example, Apple + Cinnamon can create the aroma of apple pie), too much fragrance can make people feel confused, too much.

Let alone waves are not romantic It must be hard on the nose

4. Guaranteed combustion time

Generally speaking, when you light a candle, especially when you light it for the first time, you need to keep it lit for more than two hours. The specific time varies according to the size of the candle, which is generally indicated on the candle.

The candle just lit melts in a small circle. After a while, the circle will expand to the whole glass after being heated evenly.

Big candles with multiple wicks, too. Source: Jo Malone

The point is, before you put out the candle, you have to let the whole top layer of the candle melt completely. This means that the entire surface of the candle will be consumed evenly, so that there will not be only a pit in the middle. This kind of pit will become deeper and deeper, and finally become a big hole, and your candle wick will never come out again.

5. Gently extinguish the candle

Wax splashing and wick skewing are common in the miraculous results of candle blowing. Candlelower scissors can be used to "cut" these problems cleanly, but it is more recommended to gently blow out the wick, and then immediately cover the extinguished candle with a lid.

There are many beautiful styles with lids.

If you blow out the candles before you go to bed and there is no cover, it's too bad that the room is suddenly full of smoke. At the same time, the cover can prevent dust and dirt from falling into the candle, which will further ensure that you can enjoy those long and beautiful times with your favorite candle.

6. don't use it.

Despite the presence of air fresheners or products that claim to eliminate odors, the best way to eliminate odors is to investigate the root cause or enhance ventilation. Just cover it up and things can get more complicated.

In addition, a more pungent odor may be obtained by covering up the odor with fragrance. For example, the smell of Dog + orange is just like this. (sometimes vanilla can cover up the smell, but it needs to be used in large area after careful experiment.)

7. Safety issues

The most important one! Be sure to keep candles away from pets and children, and pay attention to clothes and hair when using them. When using the candle, make sure that someone is nearby. When leaving, make sure that the candle is out.