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Where should I put scented candle when I buy it home?

Where should I put scented candle when I buy it home?

Jan 10,2020
Ignite the indoor fragrance products, as if they are brought to an outstanding fragrance world. The wonderful fragrance permeates the whole home, making the daily life full of pleasure.

Last time, I introduced how to use scented candles. With all due respect, it's a waste to buy so many aromatherapy candles today. I'd like to talk about the scene application of indoor aromatherapy products at home. The popular saying is, where should we put our aromatherapy products?

Tea table

On the tea table in the living room, place the scented candles and non fire scents to let them emit silently in the silence. The beautiful fragrance becomes the daily greeting for the family and makes every breath in the room the flavor you like.

Bian Ji

The more flexible and compact side table can be made into a family's exclusive fragrance world. Put on the flowers you like, place a tray, start the aromatherapy candle, no fire aromatherapy, aromatherapy spray... Can be put here, it will be the most beautiful corner of your home!

Bedside cupboard

In the bedside table of the bedroom, put the fragrance you like, and you can choose the fragrance that will help you calm down and sleep. When you go back to the bedroom and light it for two or three hours, your aesthetic taste and life interest are satisfied. Accompany your boudoir time with beautiful fragrance, linger the fragrance of the whole night, and enjoy a pleasant sleep time.


During busy working hours, you can also prepare some relaxing beauties for yourself. Aromatherapy candle or no fire aromatherapy is a good choice. Let the fresh fragrance accompany, get rid of the sleepy thoughts, and enjoy the working atmosphere easily.


The arrangement of dining table is a life aesthetics. The fragrance product on the dining table is not only a beautiful decorative ornament, but also a good thing to add the taste of dining, so that the sense of ceremony is full. The fragrance on the dining table is not suitable to choose too rich, so as not to be a noisy guest, the light fragrance is very good.


No matter in use or out of use, it is very suitable to put on the dresser. Cylindrical aromatherapy containers are very suitable for displaying cosmetics or toiletries such as lipstick, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, cotton swab, brush and so on. The selection of the bottle shape is also a great addition to the dresser.

On the fireplace

Fireplace is commonly used in Europe. With the rise of diversified decoration styles, many domestic friends will design a fireplace at home. If you have a fireplace in your home, it's appropriate to put aromatherapy products on the fireplace to create a retro and elegant setting effect.

Wash Basin

We often like to put the toiletries on the washing table. In fact, indoor aromatherapy should also be added to the washing table. The frequency of using the washing table is relatively high. Add your own favorite aromatherapy to avoid bad smell. The delicate life starts from the details around you.


Bathroom is a space for us to relax, especially many people will choose to take a bath to relax when they are tired. It's better to choose the indoor fragrance you like. Fresh or fragrant breath lingers around you, making the bath time more graceful~

No matter where you put it at home, life is fragrant and beautiful, making fragrance a daily decoration at home. ENJOY~