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How much did you burn for nothing because you can't burn scented candles?

How much did you burn for nothing because you can't burn scented candles?

Feb 18,2020
What does the term Lifestyle often mentioned in recent years mean? Fish feels that things that can enhance the five senses of life, make the daily experience more divided, and feel comfortable both physically and mentally are the embodiment of Lifestyle.
Aromatherapy candles are naturally an important part of healing. Have you paid a lot for lifestyle-oriented people?

In addition to reflecting your life taste, the biggest effect of scented candles is that they can help to remove moisture when burning, and it is especially suitable for the south where the moisture is heavy when the season changes.
In addition, the various fragrances and effects that are maintained in the air to soothe the mind and body are different. Generally speaking, natural plant aromas are good for relaxing the mind. For example, lavender smell can help sleep, while lemongrass and lemongrass can effectively remove mosquitoes and improve environmental odors.
And lighting a candle at home can also make people feel warm from the light ~

Anyone who has ever used a scented candle should have a problem: no matter how expensive the candle you buy and how much you like it, it will not burn a beautiful and beautiful candle pool, and it will burn even more ugly. Leave it to the side; or because of improper use, the life of the candle will be shortened and will soon be exhausted.
In fact, not only do you need to buy scented candles, you also have to burn them. It's not just done with a lighter!


Point one

Wax has memory. If you burn out the candle before the complete candle pool is formed when it is first burned, it will not burn out every time it burns to the place where it was extinguished for the first time. Over time A deep cave will form, commonly known as the "cave phenomenon."

Burning for more than an hour can ensure that the wax on the surface melts completely. As long as the complete candle pool is burned for the first time, your smart candle remembers the edge of the burning, and you can burn it willfully.
However, it should be noted that the burning cannot exceed three hours, otherwise the wax oil will burn by itself, which will affect the scent diffusion of the candle, and also cause other problems such as overheating of the candle cup, black smoke and shortening the life of the candle.


Point two

If the first burn does not control the time leading to the formation of the cave, there is no remedy. Generally, as long as the foil is wrapped around the candle and the heat is concentrated, the surrounding wax will melt.

▲ Although enclosing a candle in this way will really affect its face value, this method is really effective!

Point Three

Trim the wick before you light the candle, leaving a length of about five millimeters. Because if the wick is too long, the candle will be consumed faster, and trimming can make the candle last longer. If it is not trimmed, it is easy to have black smoke when burning, and the wall of the candle cup is easily blackened.
In addition, after each time the candle is burned, it is best to straighten the wick while it is not completely solidified to ensure that it is located in the center of the candle pool.


Point Four

If the wall of the cup is blackened by burning smoke, use a toilet paper or towel to dampen the black smoke residue.
In addition, once the scented candle starts to be used, it is recommended to order it within six months to prevent the essential oil contained from evaporating and affect the scent effect. If you don't use it often, you can temporarily store it in the freezer, which can effectively maintain the smell.

Since you have spent money on scented candles, everyone must not want to burn. In order to avoid some wrong operations, let professional tools do professional things!