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Scented candle-light up the room and light you up

Scented candle-light up the room and light you up

Feb 13,2020
If you want to relax the tension and be convenient and good-looking, it is the aroma candle.

The scented candles on the market are pleasing from the appearance, smelling refreshing from the taste, and have everything from efficacy.

In fact, aromatherapy is not a product of our time.

As early as centuries ago, the East had already said "xiangdao".

People make incense powder, citron, line incense, maru incense according to various incense recipes, or wear it on their bodies, or smoke their clothes in the room;

In the West, perfumes have been available for a long time, with a variety of fragrances and shades.

Nowadays, scented candles have become a way to adjust the taste of life.

The beating flame and diffuse fragrance, the warmth spontaneously, through the burning, relieve the tension and pressure of life.

A uniquely shaped fragrance, even if it is not lit, can be placed anywhere in the office, study, bedroom, bathroom, etc., purely for viewing, it is enough to seductive.

So what are the classifications of scented candles and how do they work?

Aromatherapy candles are divided into jelly candles, crystal candles, paraffin wax, pearl wax, tea wax ... and so on. Adding different spices or essential oils to different waxes will have different effects.

We all know that eating sweets can alleviate people's depression, so is aromatherapy.

Chocolate, strawberry, blueberry. Because sweetness is the main focus of the taste, it helps to eliminate depression.

And floral-type aromatherapy, such as jasmine, rose, lily and chrysanthemum, have aphrodisiac effects, can eliminate the unpleasant heart, and accelerate blood circulation.
But not all plants accelerate blood circulation.

Some light plants, such as lavender, tea tree and cypress, can bring healing functions, which can calm down the body, help sleep, and relieve headaches.

In addition, lavender is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antidote, and it is also quite effective in preventing mosquito bites. It is very suitable for indoor use in summer.

However, although the aromatherapy is good, you should also pay attention to it during normal storage and use.

The scented candle is the same as the candle. There are no special and harsh conditions, but you should also keep away from the fire source and do not let children touch it casually.
In normal use, it should not be burned for too long, otherwise the concentration of particulate matter produced by indoor combustion is too high, but it is harmful to the human body and counterproductive.

It is advisable to burn for 2 to 3 hours each time.
In addition, scented candles, like candles, require someone to be nearby during the burning process.

Otherwise, who knows if the small fire that originally made people feel warm, will there be any accidents, and suddenly it will become a fire that can be used to ignorance?

Although scented candles focus on scented candles, their essence is candles.

Therefore, do not lean too close when burning. One is to prevent the skin from being burned by high temperature, and the other is to prevent the smoke generated by the combustion from fuming to sensitive places such as eyes or nose and throat, causing damage.

For most people, aromatherapy may still be a new thing. But life is constantly innovating. Come and choose the fragrance that suits you and start your exquisite home life!