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Aromatherapy is a small pleasure that can't be missed at home

Aromatherapy is a small pleasure that can't be missed at home

Jan 20,2020
The pace of urban life is getting faster and faster. During the holidays, some people choose to be close to nature, and some people choose to be quiet at home alone.

There are many ways to relax at home. Different people often prefer different ways to relax. However, among these many relaxation methods, I only like aromatherapy. I return to home after a busy day and take off the tiredness of the day. Leave all the disturbances outside, nest on a soft and comfortable sofa, light a fragrance, watch a movie, a drama or a favorite book, let the restless heart slowly calm down and enjoy a person's solitude Time.

However, there are many kinds of fragrances on the market, and the quality is also uneven. What should you choose? Don't get tangled. Today, Xiaobian brought you a few good fragrances.

Scented candle

Aromatherapy candles are probably the most romantic of aromatherapy candles. Ignite a scented candle, watch the light of the candle shake slightly in the air, emit a dim warm light, and carry a quiet and elegant aroma, occupying all your senses, Leaving you the most relaxed feeling. In the coming winter, let the warm candlelight accompany you through every cold winter night ~

Recommend good things

1. Exquisite embossed glass, which is as gorgeous as the starry sky after lighting candlelight. The exquisite container can also become an exquisite small ornament after being used up. It can display the favorite small jewelry and the value is explosive. And, this fragrance is made from soy wax, which is natural and safe.

2. The most special thing about this scented candle is its pure scent. The two flavors of "berry" and "rose" are very good, fresh and natural. It is very suitable for people who use scented candles for the first time, and their acceptance is very high.

Rattan Aromatherapy

The principle of this aromatherapy is to use the more volatile plants to absorb essential oils into rattan or flower heads, and then volatilize into the air. A scent that doesn't need to bother you at all, just go home and find a place to put it. The fragrance value of this fragrance is also very high, which enhances the home style.

Since work and trivia take up some of our time, then we calm down and deal with it patiently. If the days are a bit tiring, then don't let the bad anxiety ruin your life anymore.

Recommend good things

1. The design is mainly based on simple and elegant style, there are several different fragrance types to choose from, mysterious fresh fragrance, special aroma; light floral fragrance, fresh and elegant; quiet woody fragrance, natural soothing. In addition, the overall simple and stylish shape, with natural fiber strips, also looks very stylish and elegant.

2. White exquisite embossed glass bottle, exquisite and elegant, can be placed in a corner of the home at will, the home style instantly improves several grades. Most importantly, this fragrance extracts natural plant essential oil ingredients, which is naturally pure, healthy and safe, and lasting.

In addition, considering that the use of aromatherapy has not really become popular, many people are still not clear about the precautions of aromatherapy, I have prepared some aromatherapy tips for everyone to help you use aromatherapy better.

1. After getting the fragrance, don't put your nose on the bottle to smell it. You should try to touch a little finger or the back of your hand, and then smell it, so that it smells the real fragrance.

2. The scented candle must be burned for more than an hour when it is used for the first time, and then extinguished after burning out the flat wax pool. In this way, the candle will burn flatly, and there will be no unsightly tunnel phenomenon.

3. In subsequent use, it can be continued to burn for two to four hours according to the situation, which is enough to make the scented candle form a beautiful wax pool, and it can also make the fragrance strong enough.

4. When you extinguish a candle, do not blow it out by mouth to avoid white smoke and burnt smell. You can use a toothpick or a thin short wire to place the candle wick, push the candle wick down, let the wax liquid drown out the flame, and then cool the candle wick vertically.

5. Do not allow young children to light candles or touch burning candles! When leaving the room, please remember to extinguish the candles to ensure home safety.

6. When scented candles are stored and used, avoid direct sunlight. If the scented candle is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will fade and run away, which will affect the quality of the scented candle.

In our life, there is always a sense of ritual. Aromatherapy is probably a lifestyle that allows you to enter the mode of enjoying life the fastest and create the most relaxing environment for your home. A small object can make life more exciting and better.

A high-value aromatherapy scent that not only purifies the air, but also relaxes and decompresses. It can not only enhance the overall home style but also highlight the owner's fashion taste. What are you waiting for? Try it out!