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Aromatherapy, another delicate way of life

Aromatherapy, another delicate way of life

Dec 31,2019

In the fast-paced life, mental and physical fatigue has become a routine. Maybe only the night time belongs to you, maybe when you are lying in bed, or soaking in a hot bath.

Aromatherapy oil and candles are really magical things sometimes. To some extent, they can not only relax your body and mind, but also make you have another delicate life.

Essential oil fragrance

Fragrant essential oil is a kind of volatile oil extracted from flowers, leaves, fruit skins, bark, etc. we call it essential oil. Essential oil is a highly concentrated extract of aromatic plants. Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to enhance physical and mental efficacy.

Hope Gilman explains that he is a certified aromatherapy therapist and author of essential oil daily. She said:

"Although they have a strong aroma, it's not that the aroma itself is good. The chemicals in the liquid can have physiological and chemical effects on your brain chemicals and your body. "

Scented candles

Aromatherapy candle is a more traditional way to add fragrance to the room.

In the quiet night, or need to create a romantic atmosphere, candle is one of the essential embellishments, the beating flame and diffuse fragrance, spontaneously produce a warm feeling, through the fragrance, slow down the tension and busyness of life.

It can be placed in any ideal place, such as office, residence, etc., and it is one of the most popular incense methods in Europe and America

Benefits of aromatherapy essential oil

Although these oils can be used for anything from cleaning the skin to repairing damaged hair, one of the main things essential oils can help is anxiety.

Anxiety caused by stress is very common: when you are late for a meeting, make a big report in front of the boss, or have a big fight with your partner, your heart rate accelerates, it's hard to concentrate. More importantly, anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting more than 18% of adults every year.

While essential oils can never replace prescription anxiety drugs, they can be used as an extra stress reliever, or to help people who experience situational anxiety as a result of stress.

The effect of aromatherapy candle

Rosemary: it can stimulate the spirit and enhance the memory. It is one of the reasons why rosemary is popular. It can also help thinking. In Europe, it is used to treat headache and migraine. Note: Patients with hypertension and pregnant women should not use it.

Eucalyptus: it's a natural cold remedy and can also prevent rhinitis. Note: Patients with hypertension and epilepsy should not use it.

Chamomile: it can make the body and mind extremely calm. It is very suitable for pregnant women and babies to use vanilla candles because it can soothe the frightened and the baby.

Rose: with antidepressant and calming effects, it can calm emotions, relieve potential tension and release a kind of hormone that makes people happy. In addition, it has the effects of anti-inflammatory, cholagogic, diuretic and hemostasis. Note: pregnant women should avoid using it.

Lavender: it has the function of calming, soothing and balancing. It can restore calm state of tension, help sleep and relieve headache. In addition, lavender is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antidote, which can be used for colds, coughs and bronchitis; it is also quite effective for mosquito bites prevention. Note: hypotension patients and pregnant women should avoid using.

Peppermint: it has the function of refreshing and clearing the mind, especially for the discomfort of stomach and digestive system. For respiratory problems, such as dry cough, sinus congestion, asthma, bronchitis and so on, it is also helpful to prevent colds. Note: pregnant women should avoid using it.

Lemon: fresh fragrance can help to restore spirit and keep clear mind. The most characteristic curative effect of lemon is to restore the circulation of red blood cells, strengthen the immune system and help to resist infectious diseases. Fresh fragrance can help to restore spirit and keep clear mind.

Lace cup candle

Delicate, elegant and meticulous use of lace to show continuous romance.

tea bowl relief cup and candle

Put in the home not only has the embellishment effect, the pleasant fragrance is lets the mood be joyful.

Three candle filling candle
At the same time, it will burn faster and last longer~

Use aromatherapy to relieve stress

It's a very popular way now

Hope the little Princesses

Not only exquisite

More relaxed

Open heart

That's all.