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Let the scented candles warm the whole room in the cold winter

Let the scented candles warm the whole room in the cold winter

Dec 19,2019
Aromatherapy candles are definitely a great weapon to improve your happiness index. Imagine the cold winter, surrounded by a small warm flame, constantly emitting a refreshing aroma, who can not be intoxicated?

In fact, I have also used a non-fire scent, because it was not convenient to light a candle because I had a cat. After a while, I found that no-fire aromatherapy is more suitable for deodorizing toilets. The sense of ritual when burning a group of flames and candles is almost lost, and it has almost lost the meaning of improving the quality of life. A scented candle burning with flames.

The feeling of using the scented candle is that I like it more and more, I want to have more, I want to buy more. Aromatherapy candles are consumables and not forbidden. Indeed, it is recommended to control the desire to buy, unless there is a special fragrance type, otherwise it is not too late to buy it. But everyone knows Dalai Li, who would think so much when shopping?

Aromatherapy type

The choice of scent is really different from person to person, everyone's understanding of scent is different, and the degree of adaptation to scent is also different. Let me talk about the main types of scented candles.

Woody notes: As the name suggests, woody notes are composed of some woody notes. The more classic woody notes usually include spices such as cedar, patchouli, pine, sandalwood, and vetiver, and sometimes accompanied by citrus. And aromatic spices: sage, rosemary, dill, lavender and many more. This fragrance is calm and restrained, and is more commonly found in the middle and back of a fragrance.

Citrus: This is a well-understood fragrance based on lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit or citrus.

Oriental notes: Oriental notes are plain. It is an exotic fragrance in Southeast Asia. It is mostly made of oriental trees or animal spices such as spice, resin and musk. This scent is characterized by warmth, spicyness, sensuality, strong penetration and rich levels.

Floral notes: There are many types and types of floral notes, which can be said to be the largest existence in aromatherapy. Some floral notes are likely to be mixed with a variety of floral fragrances, which complement each other and have a complex scent; some floral notes highlight one of the floral notes, and the other floral notes are complemented; and many floral notes are also mixed with woody and citrus notes. Wait, it is a very complex and universal fragrance.

Fruity note: The fruity note is similar to the citrus note. The citrus fruit-based one can be called the fruity note. It is a mixture of many tropical fruits. It can also be called the fruity note. The fruity notes are usually in parallel with the floral notes, and when combined, they emit a richer layer of fragrance.

Food aroma: Gourmet aroma refers to the aroma of a certain gourmet itself, including the aroma of the food combination.

Recently mysterious wooden candle heart incense

The crackle of the wooden candlestick is true love, just like a small campfire. In winter, sound alone is enough to cure. The fragrance of flowers is mixed with the texture of a little wooden fragrance, as if you are in a medieval European garden.