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Aromatherapy is a great way to quickly improve the texture of your life

Aromatherapy is a great way to quickly improve the texture of your life

Dec 13,2019
Life is to have fragrance and light.
If there is anything that can quickly improve the quality of life, then in addition to clean space and good music, it is probably good to come again.
I usually use so many home fragrances, and today I finally have a chance to talk about it.

[Scented Candle]
Candles are still the most popular indoor fragrance, and I also use them the most.
What are the benefits, the space and time of the taste can be controlled. When lit, the appreciation space is about tens of flats, and it gradually dissipates after being extinguished. Usually placed there, the fragrance sealed in the wax can still be projected to a range of about one meter.

Can satisfy the broadest olfactory preferences. Because the perfume needs to be upper body, it must take into account daily use, and it needs to have some more humane and vivid expressions. For example, pure food or wood fragrance will never become the mainstream in perfume. The candle does not need to consider these at all, there is only one pursuit-just like it.

Therefore, many candles do not need to be human, they can directly reflect nature, they can smell like a tomato plantation, a tree in the wilderness, a forest of ash.

The taste of the candle can be chosen according to your preferences. However, as far as possible, you should choose natural waxes such as soybean wax and beeswax. They are very good, do not affect the expression of the flavor itself, and are not harmful after burning.

[Reed Diffuser]
Fireless fragrance is very convenient to use, just put it there, naturally it will be a room of fragrance.
Very durable, regular size diffuser is more than half a year to more than a year is normal. The use time is inversely proportional to the spreading range, and it is related to the spreading branches used.

For example, the wooden branches used are thin and solid, and the transportation and diffusion of the fragrance liquid are much slower and durable, but at the same time the diffusion is not so good, and it can only be enjoyed in a small space. Because of this, it is more suitable for dormitory or collective office occasions. You can smell faintly without disturbing others.
Some diffuser branches are very thick and have a strong ability to diffuse incense. A room around 20 square meters can be covered and consumed naturally.

The release of the flavor of the candle can also be controlled, and once the fireless fragrance is used, the taste will continue to diverge, so it is best to smell it or at least confirm that the taste is like, otherwise the long time will become unbearable.

[Essential Oils]

There are so many ways that essential oils can be appreciated.
Essential oil is actually an excellent indoor fragrance. It has the natural fragrance of plants. It smells natural, abandons artificial feeling, and is relatively safer. Like your citrus essential oils, which are chanting every day, they are lively and happy, which will make people feel better. Juniper, tea tree, cedar and other essential oils are inherently bactericidal and insect-repellent. The south is so humid that it is useful to take some with a cotton ball and put them in the closet.

The easiest way to use essential oils is to use an aromatherapy machine to apply essential oils into a mist.
Suitable for medium spaces. The cabin doesn't smell strong, but it's a bit faint and fresh, like it purifies the entire air. The disadvantage is that it costs more essential oils, and the price of a good aromatherapy machine is not low.

There is also a way of heating, which is equivalent to toasting essential oils. It saves more than the amount of ultrasound, but it is difficult to clean up after use.

Humidified type can be used in dry areas. The essential oil comes out with the water mist. There is a moist and clear, inexpensive, and quiet.

Of course, the easiest is to use diffuser. The small diffuser has fine holes on it, which can store essential oils and release them slowly. Just drop it on it, you can smell it in front of you. The longer it is used, the denser the taste. Most of the principles of fragrant stones.

Well, I'll introduce you to you today. I hope you are surrounded by fragrance.