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Introduction to Fireless Reed Diffuser

Introduction to Fireless Reed Diffuser

Nov 26,2019
No-fire aromatherapy is to volatilize the natural plant essential oil containing micro-oxygen through a special constant-temperature gasification core. Not only can it produce sufficient fresh and pure oxygen, but it also releases a large amount of ozone, fendol, negative ions and plant aromatic molecules, making our originally polluted environment fresh and healthy. At present, no-fire aromatherapy has become the first choice of many countries in terms of purifying the air, improving environmental health, preventing diseases, enhancing physical fitness, regulating brain functions, and protecting olfactory functions.
Natural flavors extracted from plants are:

Lavender ——Fragrance of flowers——Moderate lightness and mildness—The fragrance is pleasant, calm, relaxed, and soothing emotions! 『Popular fragrance』

Jasmine ——Fragrance of flowers——Moderate intensity—Pure Jasmine scent! 『Popular fragrance』

Rose ——Fragrance of flowers——Moderate intensity—Romantic passion, increase aphrodisiac effect. 『Popular fragrance』

Sandalwood-traditional incense-moderate intensity-unity of mind, relax mood, eliminate evil, increase meditation. 『Popular fragrance』

Ocean Mist -water fragrance-lighter-relax the nerves, pleasant, return to nature, fresh and elegant. 『Popular Fragrance』

Sunflower ——Sunflower——Flower fragrance—Moderate lightness and lightness—the fragrance is very sunny, just like in the sunny spring, in the wild mountains full of flowers, take a deep breath, and the nasal cavity slowly has the taste of spring. 『Recommended Fragrance』

Water Lily-fresh flowers-moderate intensity-warm floral fragrance, elegant and sweet.

White Musk-traditional fragrance-moderate intensity-mellow fragrance.

Sakura ——Flower fragrance—Moderate intensity—Quiet cherry blossoms, warm and sweet. 『Popular Fragrance』

Green Bamboo ——bamboo——grass-wood fragrance—moderate intensity—bamboo fragrance fragrance! There is a hint of sweetness in the fragrance. 『Popular Fragrance』

Violet-fresh flowers-moderate intensity-pleasant floral fragrance, make the brain in a relaxed state.

Magnolia-fresh flowers-richer-rich fragrance.

Green tea——grass-wood—moderate intensity—fresh and refreshing fragrance, refreshing and rejuvenating.

Wild Orchid Wild orchid ——flower fragrance—moderate shades—youlan fragrance is pleasant.

White tulip-white flowers-medium-light-warm fragrance.

Ginger flower ——Fragrance of flowers——Moderate lightness and intensity—the fragrance is distant, fresh and elegant, with a bit of ginger, it makes people feel relaxed and happy.

Clean cotton-fresh flowers-moderate intensity-light and slightly sweet.

Lemon grass-grassy wood-moderately strong-also known as lemongrass, lemon refreshing fragrance, fragrant fragrance.

Soft vanilla ——grass wood—moderately strong—slightly scented, relaxing and relaxing.

Tequila sunrise-mixed fragrance-moderate intensity-sweet in the fragrance, sweet but not greasy. 『Popular Fragrance』

Cologne-mixed fragrance-moderate lightness-fresh and refreshing, comfortable and pleasant fresh breath.

Cool Water ——Water fragrance—Moderate lightness—Fresh and pleasant water fragrance is slightly thicker than the sea fog which is also water fragrance.