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The hotel’s must-see BBC hotel documentary tells you where the luxury hotels are.

The hotel’s must-see BBC hotel documentary tells you where the luxury hotels are.

Nov 18,2019
Today I recommend a BBC documentary "Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby" (Chinese translation: "The Wonderful Hotel: Life Beyond the Lobby"). It tells the story of where luxury hotels are – unexpected sites, unbeatable architecture, top-notch service.

In fact, the word "hotel" originated from French, which meant the nobles' villas to entertain guests.

In the early nineteenth century, in order to meet the needs of the nobility, in the United Kingdom, where the ethnic group was more serious, the first luxury hotel villa was established for the royal family and the nobles. The hotel was branded with a luxurious background.

A good hotel that often stays in a tall place does attract people's embarrassment, but in fact, experiencing a luxury hotel is not a mere manifestation of wealth, but a way of traveling that is created by different eyes.

In the top local hotels, you may know more amazing life. The different life experiences you expect may be met one by one.

These hotels are not just money-stacked, but provide an impeccable experience for the guests while helping some people realize their “dreams”.

The "beyond lobby" in the name of the documentary is very practical, which means that the hotel is far more than the elegant lobby. You can also talk to the staff in the hotel, look for wonderful little surprises in the corner, or spend some time at the pool. After a long, idle afternoon...

Of course, the two protagonists of the documentary are also very good.

The two protagonists are very famous in the British restaurant industry: restaurant critic Giles Coren and female chef Monica Galetti.

Giles Coren, the man who looks like a villain in Sherlock, is a famous British restaurant critic. He is an absolute poison tongue. He once said that "Portuguese food is the worst food in the world."

Monica Galetti is the senior deputy chef of Merein's restaurant, Mere, with New Zealand Samoan ancestry. The identity of a chef of a few ethnic women is very special. Monica's boss may be well known and has many recipes. And the food show of Raymond Blanco.

Together they visited 11 luxury hotels – skyscrapers in the city, classical ornate castles, jungle lodges hiding in the mountains, and architecturally remodeled industrial buildings... no matter how rare the luxury hotel type, two Individuals have lived all over and enjoyed the different styles of the country.

Therefore, these two are not simply hotel evaluations, they are unique experiencers, experience the feelings of customers, experience the hardships of hotel workers, and experience the wonderful situation brought by different hotels...

Each hotel is unique and unique

Then in the second season, the Brando Resort of Marlon Brando in Tahiti, Al Jabal in Oman, then Ashford Castle in Ireland, Grand Resort Bad Racaz in Switzerland, The Silo in South Africa and Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira in Chile...

Each is a contemporary classic that you want to experience.

Unexpected site selection

First of all, let's talk about the location of the hotel, because this is one of the important conditions that determine a hotel can have a wonderful career.

The hotel must have a sustainable environment around it in order to be worthy of the title of “luxury hotel”. Therefore, the difficulty of construction is also more difficult, and the convenience of people's arrival is also limited. In short, if you want to have all of this, then there are not many people who can experience it.

Although there are more and more people who like to be economical, it is not a rare thing to see animal migration and valleys and lakes, but there are also many places where there is little interest, such as Oman next door to Dubai.

The biggest advantage of Anatara Al Jabal recommended in the documentary is that the price is very milky! As long as one third of Oman's six good! Is it heart? !

But six good by the sea, and Anantara is the castle in the mountains! Like the mountains in the northwest, although the documentary has also been mentioned, what I really want to recommend is the Oman Six Good Sea Bay mentioned in the Oman article I wrote before.

The speciality of the location makes the way to the hotel become novel. In addition to choosing the land and water to reach the hotel, you can also experience the stimulating play of “paragliding to the hotel”, which is why I think this is the best. Cool place.

In the "airborne" process, the rugged mountain roads and the piers of the bay can be seen! This is probably one of the reasons why the travel Bible "Condé Nast Traveler" has been ranked as one of the top 20 hotels in the world.

He also has a wealth of outdoor projects to experience, paragliding and gliders, snorkeling, sea fishing and kayaking. You can think of everything you can think of! There are detailed introductions in the previous Oman articles.

The hotel also specializes in the opening of the ultimate sea ascending palace: Dhoni, an Arabian wooden boat that can only accommodate 6 people, and the facilities are comparable to luxury cruise ships. The 3 days and 2 nights of the trip are all at sea, and it is really not on the way to diving or on the way to diving.

Self-built 2500m2 vegetable garden organic farm, used to supply their own food, a delicious meal on the beach or the mountain top, taste the Arabian cuisine under the warm light, this is definitely a very romantic finishing touch.

Unbeatable architecture

Singapore Marina Bay Sands Hotel, this should be a familiar hotel, the building is three Optimus Prime support a boat, the most famous infinity swimming pool is a must-see for many people to go to the card. The length of the building in the upper part of the building is equivalent to an Eiffel Tower, which is amazing enough.

The description here is like "Noah's Ark, which was stranded by the flood." Giles also praised the church for the largest indoor space he had seen in the documentary. To the extent of worship, standing in the top garden is like being in the grid. The floating island Laputa in Buddha's Travels, but he wants to experience the life of a hotel waiter here.

The Silo, Cape Town, South Africa, a 94-year-old barn converted hotel, looks ordinary, but the interior renovation is amazing. Especially the affiliated art museum, which is directly cut from several large barns, but it is very pleasing to the eye. This mix of wind and building design is also unique.

The Silo's glazing is also designed as a mosaic block, and in order to respond, the water flowing from the faucet also has a triangular structure. Such details are enough for the luxury hotel to experience.

But The Silo has few food choices and is not delicious enough... so it's really a sub-item for food.

Ecology and luxury coexist

In order to be luxurious, luxury hotels will definitely affect the surrounding environment. Although many hotels are beginning to operate with green and sustainable labels, there are indeed a handful of people who can really do it.

So when it comes to the top hotels where the ecological environment and luxury experience coexist, the Tetiaora the Brando, which is not the Marlon Brando.

Tetiaora is the place where Marlon Brando has lived for nearly 30 years. This favorite resort in the Tahiti royal family has always been a combination of luxury and environmental protection, so there is a unique eco-hotel and a new environmental standard. .

It should be considered one of the world's top eco-resorts, combining a breathtakingly clean environment, a luxurious atmosphere, sustainable development and an exceptional historical and cultural heritage.

Travel+Leisure magazine's selection of the world's best resorts, South Pacific's first resort... this one is not a good name to explain its beauty.

The environmentally friendly concept of zero pollution and less emissions has attracted a lot of celebrities to get here. The completion of the resort fulfills the great vision of Marlon Brando: ecology, culture and luxury can coexist.

The island uses renewable energy such as deep seawater power air conditioners, solar energy and coconut oil, reflecting the advanced environmental technology concept. There is also a scientific research station on the island. These facilities are unheard of in other resort hotels.

The 35 villas are built on the atoll and will not destroy the ecology; in the construction and renovation, all the local renewable recycling materials are used; the resort energy is close to self-sufficiency; using the innovative planting technology, the resort provides most of the fruits and vegetables; The environmentally friendly clean design, coupled with the application of renewable energy, ensures that the island's environment will not be destroyed and will maintain its original beauty.

Of course, here you can enjoy outdoor sports such as diving, floating boards, kayaking, enriched activities around the island and cultural activities with local customs. As for the price, I can imagine it, but I think it is worthwhile, and there is a place to go to the series of the Year of Life!

Top premium service

There is no shortage of labor costs behind the high prices of luxury hotels. At the Royal Mansour Hotel in Morocco, the two-bedroom suites in which the two protagonists live are called “Ria” in the local area, and the price is as high as 2w per night.
However, their task is of course not as simple as experiencing royal treatment. They were asked to put on a fine hotel uniform and experience the daily work of hotel workers. When Giles walked in through the door on the side of the room, it seemed to leave the dreamland and switch to reality. The real karyotype of Royal Mansour is the inner passage of more than a thousand meters in the underground palace.

And Monica and the manager are learning how to smooth the curtains with the body. As you can imagine, every detail you can see here is devoted to the staff's intentions.
The hotel manager said: “The significance of the existence of Royal Mansour is to be the best hotel in the world”; when the hotel staff was asked why the idealized service could be completed in this way, the butler said: “Every employee is officially in front of the post. Experience a complete stay experience from the arrival of the hotel."
The service of every luxury hotel must be the highest quality, the most thoughtful and the most intimate you can enjoy, so this has become one of the necessary considerations for top hotels.

Organic integration of multiculturalism

The hotel that appeared in the first season should be said to be the destination of the classic Net Red Hotel, while the second quarter added a newly opened hotel, focusing on the luxury hotels offering local-style projects.
For example, in the high-end travel, there is a gradual new popular “medical travel”, especially in the Swiss-like Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. It is different from the Six Good Group's body-building system. Grand Resort has real mineral hot springs, a real medical team, a health team, and a golf club with a traditional membership system.

Everyone knows that Switzerland attaches great importance to natural products, so it is also very popular here for this very healthy travel regimen.
And the castle's originator, the Ashhford castle hotel in Ireland, the hotel's luxurious classical hardware is amazing. You are a nobleman here, not only that, but also the family where the whole family is the employees. In addition to the British luxury, you can also experience Irish hunting, this is definitely a special experience here!
Although Giles is not the first time to experience the role of a housekeeper, he still did not find the wall here is such a delicate textile. The unique living habits here also made Giles understand that the Irish are served from the left and are very different from the English, which is also a manifestation of the Irish more stubborn.
This is also proof that the uniqueness and particularity of the local culture is precisely the richness of this multiculturalism, in order to make our journey more interesting and colorful, and to experience the charm of humanity.